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Rainbow Equus Meadows is located in the Sierra foothills in Lincoln California, 30 minutes north of Sacramento, California, U.S.A. The Worthington family has developed Rainbow Equus Meadows into a thriving Hanoverian breeding and training program over the last 30 years.

Welcome to Rainbow Equus Meadows! Started by Susan Worthington 30 years ago, Rainbow Equus Meadows is dedicated to the breeding and sales of elite Hanoverians and superior quality international sport horses. 

GOLDEN Friday, Saturday & Sunday offer! Nov. 23; 24 & 25…Order IMMUNALL now for the upcoming breeding season – purchase a 1000 ml bottle of IMMUNALL (regular price $137) for just $105.00!!! Call Susan at (916 203-1821 and say “GOLDEN Offer”!

Sneak Preview of our upcoming ad!




In Celebration of owning my farm 30 years, I just opened the vaults to my “frozen semen” to some of the greatest and most CELEBRATED stallions in history, Fuerst Gotthard, Diamont, Prinz Gaylord, Pablo, Domiro, Grandom and more!!! 

Our Breeding Program

It is our goal to provide the best and most expedient service for you and your mares. Efficiency and economy is a high priority for our breeding clients and our stallions currently have a 76 – 81% first cycle conception rate. This is well above the national average due to our state of the art lab, proper management, handling and high fertility. Combined with a quick response to semen requests and a low collection fee of just $97 it is the most economic way to breed your mare to a high-quality stallion.

We’ve Got You Covered

Our goal is for you to produce the best quality offspring with your mares as efficient as possible, guaranteed. To assure this happens we offer an extraordinary live foal guarantee with your breedings covering the first month (30 days) of your foals life. These excellent stallions combined with excellent broodmares explain why so many champions were born from the breeding program at Rainbow Equus Meadows!


As a winning USEF competitor, I understand the needs of amateurs and strive to breed beautiful horses who have excellent temperaments for the amateur rider.  I have been successfully breeding Hanoverians and sport horses at Rainbow and I have ridden competitively for 50+ years on USEF circuits!  These experiences enable me to give you truly expert advice on your breeding and purchasing decisions. Give me a jingle at (916) 203-1821! 

Susan Worthington (formerly Schutte)

Susan Worthington is a very hands on farm owner, shown here with her stallion, Landkonig.
Mare barn at Rainbow Equus Meadows

One of the high points of the year was the blossoming of our beautiful Puissance R by Pablo.

Our little ad in the Chronicle of the Horse congratulating my friend and client Lisa Hankin.






PuissanceR BethTaylor.JPG
Puissance R by Pablo. Photo credit: Beth Taylor