LANDKÖNIG (Landadel/ Landsknecht (Lasso)/ Gotthard)

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Landkönig’s progeny include a two-time Olympic and WEG qualifier. With over a million dollars in offspring earnings he holds an American progeny record. He produced the highest-priced jumper ever sold at the Hanoverian Elite auction, as well as a licensed son, a 2003 and 2004 Bundeschampionat qualifier and 11 auction selections out of 45 registered offspring. In 2005, one Landkönig gelding sold at the prestigious PSI Auction for more than $437,000. Landadel, Champion of his 100-Day Test, is one of the leading German sires and the most successful stallion of his age group. Landkönig’s damline produced eight licensed stallions. His dam, Luna, who was written about in the Eylers millennium stallion book, also produced Devon Champion Grönlad; Gratulata, a World Cup qualifier with Michael Matz; Gina, Champion of Luxembourg, and 1991 Bundeschampionat participants and Grand Prix jumpers Genua and Gentleman. Landkönig scored a 9.5 for stadium jumping at his 100-Day Test with a test index almost equally high in jumping and in rideability. He also scored 8s for character, temperament and willingness to work. German Chef d’Equipe Herbert Meyer bred several mares to Landkönig. He has had several top inspection foals, and in 2007, La Bamba became Elite Eligible and was an inspection Champion. Lord Tryon MF won the NCDCTA Breed Show Bari von Buedingen award. In 2005, Landkönig entered the Topliste Hannoveraner Hengste with a jumping breed value of 132, highest of any Hanoverian standing in North America. In 2005, 8-year-old son Lucullus won his first Grand Prix and had many placings at that level. Four-year-old Landfall placed third in the 2007 IJF, and 9-year-old Lipton placed in the 2007 CSI Beervelde Grand Prix. Lantinus, winner of many Grand Prixs, is the number two Hanoverian jumper after Shutterfly for the third year, and he also made the cover of Der Hannoveraner for the third time after winning Aachen 2009. In 2008, the FEI ranked 10-year-old Lantinus as the number one jumper in the world for several months. Landalyn became EMC with 9/8 for jumping, as did EMC Luanja and EMC Llangollyn. In 2011 Laus Deos had the highest U.S. MPT score and in 2012 Landollure became an EMC with 9/9 for jumping.

Landkönig has produced, from his first foal crop, a licensed Hanoverian stallion son and in 2002 broke the record for producing the highest selling jumper ever in the history at the Hanoverian Elite auctions in Germany. Lantinus, a four-year-old gelding sold for Euro 215,000 also setting the record price for the Hanoverian auction year, something never done by a jumper!


His Sire

Landadel was one of the most popular and successful stallions of his generation who sadly died at a young age in 1996. Hardly a second sire deserves the label “foundation sire” as much as he does. His uniform transmission of type, nobility, color, movement and predisposition for jumping is second to none. He produced multiple licensing champion stallions, SPS mares, grand prix offspring and his presence is strongly noticed in the recent Federal and European championships. Landadel is fifth in the Hanoverian index with offspring over $30,000 earnings even though he is a Holsteiner and has earned well over $4 million in total offspring earnings.

His Damline

Landkönig’s dam, Luna, has an evenly impressive production record. It would be hard to find a stallion with a dam line that has a stronger production record!

Landkönig’s Damline has produced seven licensed stallions. These sons include Grundsteins Erbe, sold to Italy for DM 450,000 as a jumper, and his full sibling, Grundsteins Erbe II, a licensed and approved dressage stallion owned by “Horses Unlimited”. Others are Groenland, a breed show champion at Devon; Gratulata, a World Cup Qualifier with Michael Matz; Gina, a breeding champion of Luxemburg; her daughter winner of the Zangersheide breeding championships; Genua and Gentleman, Bundeschampionat participants. A Drosselklang filly and a stallion producing Grundstein filly from Luna sold to Paul Schockemöhle. Two offspring sold in the Vechta auction for over DM 100,000. As all these G horses are by Grundstein I, so he should be just right for your Grundstein mares.

His Foals

His first foal crop produced about 50 Hanoverians, several have jumped at Grand Prix level. The 2008 Hanoverian year book shows 22 placings at Grand Prix oa. Lucculus won his first Grand Prix at 7 years old, Lipton and Suus Kuyten a young Dutch rider are placing at Grand Prixs. In the US Landfall placed 3rd in the Jumper Futurity in 2007. Landkönig produced a licensed Hanoverian son and 11 of his offspring have been selected so far for the Hanoverian Elite and riding horse auctions in Verden, Germany, including Lantinus who set a record for 2002 and sold for the highest price ever achieved by a jumper at the Elite auctions in the Hanoverian Niedersachsen Halle and again a record at Shockemoehle’s prestigious PSI Sale. The current owners of Lantinus, the Straumanns, paid 2.4 million dollars for him and turned down 5.5 million Euro’s ($8.7 million) six months later after he won the Global champions tour GP of Qatar. Lantinus has been #1 in the FEI world rank in June and July 2008 and is now at the Olympics. All this was achieved while he was only 9 years old himself and at the beginning of his breeding career.

After his initial breeding seasons, Landkönig was ridden and shown by a 14-year-old girl. Even with her he had a couple thousand DM in show winnings.

Anybody breeding to him is in good company as Herbert Meyer, Chef D’Equipe of the German equestrian team and Körung judge for the Oldenburg jumping registry and others bred his best mare Gratia and several others to Landkönig. With 5 cars won and 350,000 Euro’s in offspring winnings just in 2008 from Lantinus, Lipton and others Landkoenig has reached the $1 million mark in offspring winnings in 2009. La Bamba was the champion mare at the AHS/REM 2007 inspection. In 2008 three-year-old Luanja became a Hanoverian Elite Candidate by passing her performance test and was also accepted into the Jumper Breeding Program. Landkoenig is the largest producer of foals into the AHS Jumper Breeding Program to date.

Landkönig is fully licensed and approved for breeding by the American Hanoverian Society, the German Hanoverian Verband (AHS & VHW) and Oldenburg/ISR, GOV, CWHBA and approved by SWANA for Swedish mares. He is also listed in the American Hanoverian Society’s Jumper Breeding Program.

His semen is excellent and EVA negative. Elite, performance, multiple mare and early booking discounts are available. Our facility is certified CEM free.